How To Use The Power Of Intention To Manifest What You Desire – Part 2

This blog is part two of learning how to use the power of intention to manifest what you desire. As you discovered in the previous episode, everything from relationships, to career to health can be improved by simply shifting your mindset and having the right attitude. 

The information I will share with you today comes from the book, The Power Of Intention: Learning To Co-Create Your World Your Way by Dr. Wayne W. Dwyer. Dr. Dwyer, who passed a few years ago, was an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development and has been someone I’ve been learning from for many years. 

As I mentioned in the previous episode, I chose to share this information because I recently re-read Dr. Dyer’s  book and it re-inspired and reminded me that our thoughts determine our actions and outcomes in life. It’s a very simple concept but one that is not often easy to put into practice for various reasons. So, let’s continue our discussion and learn a few more techniques about how to use the power of intention to shift your life in a positive way and manifest all that you desire to have in your life. 

Intention & Infinity

You will recall from part one of this episode that Dr. Dwyer defines intention as a “strong purpose or aim, accompanied by a determination to produce a desired result.”

Using the power of intention allows you to be, do and have anything your heart desires, as long as the intentions are pure and your desires don’t cause harm to others. All you need to do is align yourself with this power to activate intention.

As we all know, the physical body we live in has an expiry date. We all will pass on one day. However, when you are in line with the power of intention you have a sense of destiny. As feeling that’s calling you to do something great, rather than just wallowing around, hoping things will work out or hoping that your luck will change. You realize that you are an eternal spirit that has an intentional destiny to fulfill. Even though you may not recognize what that is in this moment, when you start to shift your thoughts to align with the power intention it will start to become clear. 

Take a moment now to think about what you would like to do even if you were not paid for it? For me, I know I would still live my life as a vegan so I contribute to a compassionate, loving world that sees all living beings for the divine soul they are. I would continue to help others do the same and strive to respect their body, mind and soul. No matter what, whether I’m paid or not, these are some things I know I love to do. I believe that this is part of my destiny. 

What is it for you? 

This poem by Rumi, is an excellent reminder that you have your destiny:

You were born with potential. 

You were born with goodness and trust.

You were born with ideals and dreams. 

You were born with greatness.

You were born with wings. 

You are not meant for crawling, so don’t

You have wings. 

Learn to use them and fly. 

Think of all the wonderful creations, many of which we take advantage of everyday, such as airplanes, electricity, cell phones, computers and so much more! These are all creative ideas by people who knew they had a destiny to fulfill and they ignored the criticism and ridicule from others and went for it anyway. 

A great place to start is to give gratitude and thanks to everything you have in your life. See the world from a place of awe and wonder and know that you deserve happiness, love and a life full of inspiration and greatness. 

The problem is that too many people get caught up in what they want and focus on the self. However, with the power of intention, it works when you focus on being in service to others. If you feel lost and uncertain as to what you purpose is, remember that your purpose can only be found when you are in service to others and connect to something greater than your body, mind and ego. 

The more you give of yourself to help others, the more will come to you. When you give to others and live in a generous manner, the power of intention will work in your favour. The key is to give without expecting anything in return. Dr. Dwyer references Swami Sivananda’s advice which states:

The best thing to give

your enemy is forgiveness;

to an opponent, tolerance;

to a friend, your heart;

to your child, a good example;

to your father, deference;

to your mother, conduct that will make her proud of you;

to your self, respect;

to all men, charity. 

I personally love this advice and it is a good reminder to all of us that when we make giving a way of life we make the world, and ourselves, better. 

The Source energy and power of intention is limitless and endlessly abundant. You just need to trust that it is so and believe that everything you want for yourself and others is already so. Think of what you want in the present state and really believe you deserve to have it. 

Dr. Dwyer says, “night and day, dream of what you intend to do and what you intend to be, and those dreams will interpret your intentions. Let no doubt into your dreams and intentions. The dreamers are the savers of the world. Just as the visible world is sustained by the invisible, so too the manifestations of man find nourishment in the visions of our solitary dreamers. Be one of those dreamers.” 

When you act in alignment with the power of intention, do so with passion and enthusiasm. The word enthusiasm is a Greek word that translates to “a God within.” This means that within you is an infinite soul that wishes to express itself. If you want to feel great, tell yourself that you feel cheerful and happy. If you want to be successful, tell yourself everyday that you are an agent of change and help others achieve what they desire. 

I believe that all of us are here for a reason. Sometimes in a world full of pain and suffering it’s hard to see what that reason is. However, it’s important for us all to remember that we are all connected energetically to each other and to all other living beings. If this is the case, which many people believe is true, then everything we say, feel and do effects everyone on some level. 

You can see an example of that now with the state of the world as it is. There is a lot of unrest, evil coming to the surface and change that people all around the world feel. Some don’t know what it is that they’re feeling and others, who are very empathetic, seem to feel the pain and suffering of everyone and have a hard time dealing with it. That’s why it’s important to stay focused on your positive intentions. When you do, as you learned in part one of this topic, that positive thinking and intention can effect hundreds of thousands of people. 

This is why I often encourage my yoga participants to dedicate their practice to someone else. Sending them the positive energy from the practice to them. Even though this person may not consciously feel this energy, I believe unconsciously they will. 

Here are a few ways Dr. Dwyer suggests for implementing some of the ideas we just reviewed:

1) Choose to view yourself as connected to and one with Source energy, humanity and all living things. From this place, choose to live your life in a way that positivity reflects this belief. 

2) Choose to dissipate lower energy by staying connected to the power of intention. When you feel low-energy, or have thoughts of fear, worry, despair, sadness, anxiety or guilt remember that you can draw on the infinite energy of the Universe, Creator, God or whatever label you choose. You have the power to shift your thoughts and actions at any time. 

Putting Intention To Work

Dr. Dwyer offers eight affirmations of intention that I’d like to review with you. I believe that’s important to write these intentions down, memorize them and recite them daily to help you shift to a more positive state of mind. 

Affirmation #1: It is my intention to respect myself at all times. 

This is, in my opinion, one of the most important of the intentions. When you have respect for yourself, you will then be able to have respect for other humans, living beings and the planet as a whole. 

You must believe that you’re worthy of fulfilling your intentions for health, wealth and loving relationships. Once you hold this belief then you will act in a self-respecting way such as eating whole, nutritious foods that support the health of your body, drinking fresh, clean water, moving your body each day, meditating and using your mind for good, going after your dreams and building your desired success and attracting and nurturing caring, loving relationships with others. 

Dr. Dwyer states, “what you think of yourself is what you think of the world. If your thoughts about the world are negative and pessimistic, that’s what you think of yourself. However, if you think of the world as a loving, abundant place that’s how you see yourself.” 

This story paints a good picture of this concept…

A grandfather was talking to his grandson, telling him, “I have two wolves barking inside of me. The first wolf is filled with anger, hatred, bitterness and mostly revenge. The second wold inside me is filled with love, kindness, compassion and mostly forgiveness.” 

“Which wolf do you think will win?” The young boy inquired. 

The grandfather responded, “Whichever one I feed.” 

It’s important to know that self-respect comes from the self alone. No one should take that away from you. Choose to stay true to who you are. When someone judges or criticizes you, rather than do the same to them, send them a silent blessing of forgiveness and imagine them doing the same to you. 

How to practice nurturing your intention to respect yourself at all times:

1) Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you,” as often as you can during the day. Say it loud, say it proud and be that image of love and self-respect. 

2) Repeat the affirmation: “I am whole and perfect as I was created.” Remind yourself that you are not your accumulations, you are not your achievements or your reputation. You are whole and perfect as you make your way through this journey called life. 

3) Extend the utmost respect to other human beings, all other living things and Mother Earth. The best way to have more self-esteem is to appreciate others more. See each living thing as a Divine creation that has a purpose as you do. If you judge others, they will do the same to you. Send out love and respect to others and that’s what you’ll receive. The world around you is nothing more than a mirror. It’s reflection shows you how you treat and respect yourself. 

4) Affirm to yourself and others that you belong and so does everyone else. Nothing and no one is here by accident. 

5) Remind yourself that you’re never alone. The Universal energy is always around and supporting us as well as the others we are energetically connected to. If you need to, reach out to the people who love and support you when you’re feeling down or reach out to someone else who may be in need. Nothing helps lift your spirits better than helping someone else. 

6) Respect your body. I’ve told clients for years that your body is what houses your soul. Keep it clean and respect it as much as you can. You only get one in this life. Regardless of the shape, colour, or imagined imperfections, your body is a perfect creation that is your responsibility to care for. Just simply start by honouring the temple that houses you. Learn to listen to your body and treat it with all the dignity and love that your self-respect demands. 

7) Meditate daily to stay in contact with Source energy. Meditation is the best way to experience what the five senses cannot. It’s your chance to stop, sit in silence and listen to your body, mind and soul speak. When you’re in a state of meditation, regardless of what’s going on around you, all doubts about your value and insecurities will dissipate. You’ll emerge from this experience feeling more connected to your Source and have more respect for all beings, yourself included. 

8) Make amends with adversaries. This means forgive the people who have wronged you and forgive yourself for any wrongs you may have committed. Even if you don’t tell the person you forgive them, just simply by sending out this energy, you will begin to heal and raise your energy vibrations. 

9) Remember, only your opinion of yourself matters. You can only be responsible for your own character, thoughts and actions and you can’t control others. 

10) Stay in a state of gratitude at all times. Being in a state of gratitude means staying in a state of respect and this energy will return to your tenfold. 

Affirmation #2: It is my intention to live my life on purpose. 

Dr. Dwyer states that purpose is not as much about what you do as it is how you feel and feeling purposeful is what activates the power of intention. You will feel most purposeful when you are serving others while remaining detached from the outcome. 

How to practice fulfilling your intention and living your life on purpose:

  1. Affirm that everything happens for a reason. Know that you, and everyone else, is here on purpose. 

2) Seize every opportunity, no matter how small, to give your life away in service. Get your ego out of the way so you can life your life on purpose. When you make your motivation to help others, you will live your life on purpose. 

3) Align your purpose with the field of intention. Believe that you are here for a reason and you can help people in some way. Ask yourself, “how can I use my talents and desire to serve?” Then get quiet and listen to the answers that come up. 

4) Ignore the criticism of others and stay on track to your purpose. Only you know best for yourself. Listen and stay true to your heart. 

5) Remember that the all-creating field of intention will work on your behalf. When you see the world as a friendly place, that what will show up for you. You make your own reality by what you think and believe. 

6) Study and replicate the lives of others who’ve known their purpose. Read biographies and explore how different people lived a life of intention and purpose then follow their lead. 

7) Act as if you’re living the life you were intended to live. Treat everything as an opportunity to move closer to your purpose. 

8) Meditate on your intentions and purpose. 

9) Keep your thoughts and feelings in alignment with your actions. 

10) Stay in a state of gratitude and be thankful for the opportunity to live your life on purpose. 

Affirmation #3: It is my intention to be authentic and peaceful with all my relatives. 

Too often people allow the opinions, expectations and demands of family members to cause stress and unhappiness. However, when you remain peaceful and authentic towards your self and family members your relationship will begin to change. It’s important to remember that you teach people how to treat you and you often show them that by how you treat yourself. When you love and respect yourself, you will have love and respect for others who will then feel the same for you. 

You can fulfill the intention of being authentic and peaceful with your relatives by:

1) Identify your intention verbally and in writing and create a longing for the experience of a peaceful family. 

2) Intend for all your relatives what you intend for yourself. Want peace for them even more than you desire it for yourself. This will take the focus off of you and shift the energy of intention to them. 

3) Be the peace you’re seeking from others. If you have a relationship with others that is disruptive and not in peace then there’s a place in you that feels the same. Tap into the peace within you and it will mirror back to you in your relationships. 

4) Match up with the seven faces of intention, which are to be creative, kind, loving, beautiful, always expanding, endlessly abundant and receptive to all of life. 

5) Choose not to take part in low energy behaviours such as arguing, feeling guilty and allowing other to effect you in a negative way. Instead, stay in the higher state of vibration of love and peace. 

6) Act as if what you intend to manifest is already true. See everyone as love and light and treat them like that’s all you see. 

7) Detach from the outcome and don’t let your authentic and peaceful attitude depend on your relatives’ behaviour. By letting go, you say in a state of peace and help others do the same. 

8) Repeat the affirmation: I attract only peace into my life. No matter what happens in your life you can always choose peace. 

9)  Let go of grudges and practice forgiveness. I’ve seen too many people in my life, myself included, hold grudges for far too long. The only person this hurts is yourself. 

Dr. Dwyer quotes this passage from A Course In Miracles:

Do you want peace? Forgiveness offers it. 

Do you want happiness, a quiet mind, 

a certainty of purpose,

and a sense of worth and beauty 

that transcends the world?

Do you want a quietness that cannot be disturbed, 

a gentleness that can never be hurt, 

a deep abiding comfort, 

and a rest so perfect it can never be upset? 

All this forgiveness offers you. 

10) Stay in a state of gratitude and be thankful for everyone in your life. 

Affirmation #4: It is my intention to feel successful and attract abundance into my life. 

It is true that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. This is true for any part of your life and particularly success. If you believe that successful people are bad and evil, then you will never attract success. If you believe you’re a good person, that you have a lot to share with the world, that you can help many people and you deserve success… then you will attract just that! 

When working with the power of intention to gain success, you must release attachment to and not hoard what comes into your life. Dr. Dwyer reminds us that “stuff is not you.” The material things that come with wealth is not really you. Rather, pay attention to the feelings of peace, happiness and service and abundance will flow freely to you. 

Work with the power intention to bring abundance to you with these techniques:

  1. See the world as an abundant, providing and friendly place and your intentions will become your reality. 
  1. Affirm: I attract success and abundance into my life because that is who I am. Think and act as if you already have what you desire and believe that it is so. 

3) Stay in an attitude of allowing and picture the abundance you desire as free flowing to you.

4) Use your present moments to activate thoughts that are in alignment with the seven faces of intention. Make the choice to let go of limiting beliefs and activate thoughts that allow you to feel good in each moment. 

5) Initiate actions that support your feelings of abundance and success. Put your body into a gear that pushes you toward abundance and feeling successful. 

6) Remember that your prosperity and success will benefit others and that money is not evil. The more you partake in the generosity of the universe, the more you’ll have to help and share with others. Too often people believe that money is evil because we sometimes see people doing evil things when they have money. But I believe that money just amplifies a persons’ character. If you are a good person, you will be good with or without money. If you are an evil person, well the same will be true. 

7) Monitor your emotions as a guidance system for your connection to the energy of intention. If you’re feeling low this is a sign that you are out of alignment with Source energy. If you are feeling love and passion you are in alignment. Only you can choose what you feel. 

8) Become generous with your abundance as it flows to you. Be sure you continue the flow of abundance and use your prosperity in the service of others and for greater causes than your ego. The more you practice detachment the more you’ll stay connected to the power of intention 

9) Devote time to meditate on your abundance and your service to others as if it is already happening. 

10)  Have gratitude for everything that manifests in your life. 

 Affirmation #5: It is my intention to live a stress-free, tranquil life.

Thomas Merton said, “anxiety is the mark of spiritual insecurity.” 

Dr. Dwyer says that it was the intention of Source for us to have a happy and joyous experience on earth, that being happy is our natural state of being. There is nothing natural about living a life full of stress and anxiety, having feelings of depression and needing pills, or other substances, to tranquilize yourself. 

The great news is you have the power to create the naturally stress-free and tranquil life you desire. You can utilize this power to attract frustration or joy, anxiety or peace. The only questions is, what will you choose? 

To create a stress-free, tranquil life:

  1. Remember that your natural state is love and joy and choose to stay in this natural state.

2) Your thoughts, not the world, cause your stress. Choose thoughts that are loving, joyful and peaceful to transform your world. 

3) You can change your thoughts of stress or anxiety anytime by making a conscious decision to distract yourself from worry and come back to a state of peace and tranquility. 

4) Check in on your emotional state at each present moment and make an intention to feel good. 

5) Make a conscious choice to select a thought that activates good feelings. 

6) Emulate the joyful behaviour of others who stay in that state. 

7) Suspend the demands of your ego and always choose the other. For example, if you have a choice to be right or kind, pick kind and push the ego aside. 

8) Practice meditation and staying in a state of gratitude to help you stay stress-free and live a tranquil, peaceful life. 

Affirmation #6: It is my intention to attract ideal people and Divine relationships. 

As you’ve already learned, what you think is what you attract and you are already connected to the people you want to attract in your life, all you have to do is act like it. If you want more positive people in your life, be a positive light. 

To attract the right people in your life, try this steps:

  1. Move away from wishing, hoping, praying and begging for the right person to show up. Set your intention on the kind of person, or people, you want to attract, let it go and believe they will come when they are supposed to. 

2) Conceptualize your invisible connection to the people you desire to attract in your life. Remember, you are energetically connected to everyone on some level. Visualize the person in your mind and draw a connection to them, which will spark the power of intention and help you manifest this desire. 

3) Visualize yourself meeting the person, or people, you’d like to attract and match up with their energy. Regardless of any obstacles that come your way, keep this picture clear and stay in loving, kind, creative and peaceful harmony with your intention. 

4) Act as if every person you meet is part of your intention to attract ideal people into your life and that everyone who’s played a role in your life has been there for a reason. 

5) Be the kind of person you want to attract. If you want love, be love. If you want someone to be kind, be kind, and so on. You will attract the person who is on the same energy vibration as you. 

6) Detach from the outcome and have patience and trust. The person, or people, will come when you and they are ready. 

7) Stay in a state of eternal gratitude. 

Affirmation #7: It is my intention to optimize my capacity to heal and be healed. 

A Course In Miracles states, “No one can ask another to be healed. But he can let himself be healed and thus offer the other what he has received. Who can bestow upon another what he does not have? And who can share what he denies himself?”

Every person on the planet has within them the potential to be a healer. However, in order to connect with your inherent healing powers, you must first make the decision to be healed yourself. 

It has been shown by those who study the various energy vibrations, that disease cannot exist in the presence of high spiritual energy. This may seem crazy but I too believe this to be true. 

Dr. Dwyer presents the following five conclusions about healing from the world of research:

1) Healing through intention is available to ordinary people, and a healer may be more experienced or naturally talented in tapping in to the field. 

2) Most authentic healers claim to have put out their intention and then stepped back and surrendered to some other kind of healing force, as though they were opening the door and allowing something greater in. 

3) It doesn’t seem to matter what method was used, so long as the healer held an intention for a patient to heal. 

4) Research suggests that intention on its own heals, but that healing is a collective memory of a healing spirit, which can be gathered as a medicinal force. 

5) The most important treatment any healer can offer is hope for the health and well-being of those who suffer disease or trauma. 

You might be hearing these statements and not quite believe them to be true and that’s ok. As human beings it seems we often have to see things to believe them. But here are some examples, I know people who believe that every year during flu and cold season they get sick and they do. I also know people who believe they won’t get sick and they don’t. Remember, following belief, thoughts and intention is action. Therefore, if you look at the actions and behaviours of those individuals who believe they will get sick they look very different from people who believe they won’t get sick. The people who believe they won’t get sick often take action steps such as taking care of their physical and mental body to ensure they won’t get sick. 

Remember that the statement of I AM is a very powerful statement of intention whether used positively or negatively. If you say, I AM sick, you likely will be. If you say, I AM healthy, you likely will be. The same can go for saying, I AM successful or I AM poor. What you believe is your reality. 

Dr. Dwyer offers these steps for implementing the intention of optimizing your capacity to heal and be healed:

1) You can’t heal anyone until you allow yourself to be healed. 

2) The healing energy that you’re connected to at all times is what you have to give away to others. 

3) By raising your energy to a vibrational match with the field of intention, you’re strengthening your immune system and increasing the production of well-being enzymes in the brain. 

4) Practice surrender and let go of all expectations and outcomes. 

5) Don’t ask to be healed, ask to be restored to that perfect form which you emanated. 

6) Know that you are adored and look for reasons to praise and feel good. 

7) Seek out and cherish silence to listen to your body and connect with Source energy. 

8) To be healthy, you must totally identify with the wholeness that you are. This means that it’s important to stop seeing yourself as a physical body and immerse yourself in the idea of absolute well-being. 

I think that’s the one thing that frustrates me about our health care system is that the medical community only seems to be concerned about what’s happening in the physical body not what’s happening with the person as a whole, including the mind and spirit. 

9) Allow health to stream into your life and activate thoughts that are in energetic, vibrational balance with the all-providing Source of intention. 

10) Stay immersed in a state of gratitude for every breath you take, for all of your internal organs that work together in harmony, for the wholeness that is your body, for the blood streaming through your veins, for you brain and you as a whole. 

Affirmation #8: It is my intention to appreciate and express the genius that I am.

David Hawkins, in his book Power vs. Force, defined genius as “a style of consciousness characterized by the ability to access high energy attractor patterns. It is not a personality characteristic. It is not something that a person has, not even something someone is. Those in whom we recognize genius commonly disclaim it. A universal characteristic of genius is humility. The genius has always attributed his insights to some higher influence.” Genius is an expression of the Divine. 

I like this quote by Buckminster Fuller that Dr. Dwyer has in his book, which says, “everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.” 

Here are 10 ways Dr. Dywer suggests you can do to put the intention of appreciating and expressing the genius within you to work:

1) Declare yourself to be a genius. Remind yourself that you are a masterpiece and have unique gifts to offer this world. 

2) Make a decision to listen more carefully to your inner insights, no matter how small or insignificant you may have previously judged them to be. 

3) Take constructive action towards implementing your inner intuitive inclinations. 

4) Know that any and all thoughts that you have regarding your own skills, interests and inclinations are valid. To reinforce the validity of your thoughts, keep them private and away from your ego. That way you never have to compromise them by explaining and defending them to others. 

5) Remind yourself that aligning with spiritual energy is how you will find and convey the genius within you. David Hawkins says in his book, “that the alignment of one’s goals and values with high energy attractors is more closely associated with genius that anything else.” 

6) Practice radical humility. Take no credit for your talents, intellectual abilities and aptitude to proficiencies. Be in a state of awe and bewilderment. 

7) Remove obstacles to actualizing your genius. Watch for thoughts that convey your inability to think of yourself as a genius and turn them around immediately. 

8) Look for the genius in others. 

9) Simplify your life by removing the complications, rules, shoulds, musts, have too’s and so on out of your life. 

10) Remain humble while staying in a state of gratitude for all that you are and have in your life. 

I hope you enjoyed and received value from this episode and I encourage you to read Dr. Dwyers book, The Power of Intention: Learning To Co-Create Your World Your Way, and implement the principles he presents. 

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Until next time my friends, 

Keep rockin’ your wellness!

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