32 Rules To Live By To Accomplish Any Goal – Part 2

In this blog, you will learn the next 16 of the 32 rules to live by that you read about last week (CLICK HERE to read Part 1).

In part 1, you learned that setting SMART goals, those that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound, are critical to having a clear vision and path to success. Remember, setting these SMART goals for each area of your life, including relationships, health, service to others, financial, professional, etc., are essential for an overall successful and happy life.

The fear of failure is one that cripples too many people. Too often in the past I have thought to myself, “unless I’m going to be perfect at this I won’t even bother trying.” What a horrible way to think!This way of thinking has held me back in many areas of my life. That’s why it’s important to shift your mindset as you set out to accomplish any goal. 

Even though you may have experienced failure in the past with setting goals that’s ok! Never be afraid to fail again and again and again until you are successful. Some of the greatest business people and athletes of all time will be the first to tell you that they failed a lot more than they were successful but, these failures along the way to success are what made them into the person who could be successful. Let’s say you started a weight loss journey time and time again in the past but never reached your target goal. Does that mean  you should just throw your hands up in frustration and never try again? No, of course not! It’s an opportunity to look at what went wrong and how you can do better this time. 

It’s not enough to set a goal; anyone can set a goal and say they’re going to do something. But do you know what actually makes goals happen? Commitment! The commitment you make to do whatever it takes to reach your desired goal no matter what is what will determine if you reach your goal or not. You must commit your time, money, energy and whatever else is necessary to reach your goal. If you are not committed you will never be successful. 

Take a moment right now to think of the goals you’ve set for yourself. These could be current goals you’re working towards now or ones who’ve set for yourself in the past. Now I want you to think about, and write down, all the ways you are falling short in your commitment accomplishing those goals. 

For example, if you have set a goal to lose weight, and get in the best shape of your life, but you sleep in, make excuses as to why you can’t work, eat junk food, don’t drink enough water or get enough sleep, you are not committed to accomplishing your goal. The problem with this lack of commitment to your goals is that no one around you will take you seriously and it will be hard to find support. 

Once you have your goals clear in your mind, and you know where you are currently not committed to them, I want you to decide right now that you’re going to commit to whatever goals you have set for yourself. Commit to doing whatever it takes to accomplish those goals or let them go. 

If you need to learn more about how to reach your goals and need guidance, commit to hiring a coach to help you. If you need to make more time in your schedule to ensure you get your workouts in no matter what, then commit to making the changes in your schedule that will give you the time to do it and so on. Write down an entire list of what you need to do to fully commit to your goals and make the decision to fully commit and take action towards these goals. 

Remember, you must set goals for success in all areas of your life. A friend of mine, who is a psychologist, once reminded me that we are only as strong as our weakest link. That means, you may be strong and committed in one area of your life but if you neglect another, that part of you will weaken the others. 

For example, you may be a rockstar in your profession, you’re successful, you make money and you live a great life but you are overweight, unhealthy and unhappy in your relationships. This will eventually in some way negatively effect your professional life. Think if you were fit and took care of yourself how this would transform your relationship not only with yourself but others as well. You would carry yourself differently, you would act differently and perhaps even discover new, even better professional opportunities because of it. 

I had a client tell me once that his reason for wanting to lose weight was so he would be taken more seriously in his business. This actually shocked me at the time because we owned a successful company and I would have thought that he was taken seriously in his business. However, that’s not how he felt and to him, his lack of fitness and good health was holding him back from getting to the next level in his business and he likely wasn’t wrong. 

So remember, set goals in all areas of your life including, your health and well-being, the relationships you want to have, your work and career, your financial situation, leisure time and vacation goals (how will you have fun), what sort of things do you want to accomplish and be known for, your emotional and spiritual goals. Any and all aspects of your life need to be looked at and considered in order to have the best life ever. 

If you’re sitting there freaking out a little about having to look at all these areas of your life, that’s ok! You don’t have to set all these goals at once, or accomplish them all right now. But at least take the time to identify the areas you’d like to work on first and then set new goals when you can. I know doing this work on yourself can be daunting. I get it, I work on this stuff daily with myself and my clients. It definitely can be challenging but it’s worth it. When you have a strong why, a strong reason for getting out of bed each day and implementing the action steps necessary it will be easier!

32 Rules To Live By To Accomplish Any Goal – Part 2

Last week we reviewed the first 16 of the 32 rules you need to live by to accomplish any goal you set for your life, which come from 

the book, “The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success And Failure,” by Grant Cardone. The rules he speaks of in this book are geared to anyone looking to become more successful in their life, in business, in relationships, in health and the list goes on. As I go through these rules, I will speak to them as if you are accomplishing a health and wellness goal, since that is what I do in my coaching practice. I help people get clear on what they want for their health and well-being and help them accomplish these goals. However, these rules can be applied to any goal you set for yourself.

Before I get in to the next 16 rules to live by let’s quickly review the first 16 rules I went over in greater detail in my last episode. CLICK HERE to go to least week’s blog post or CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast episode. 

Rule #1: Have A Can-Do Attitude

Rule #2:  Believe You Will “Figure It Out”

Rule #3: Focus On The Opportunity 

Rule #4: Learn To Love Challenges. 

Rule #5: Seek To Solve Problems

Rule #6: Persist Until You Are Successful 

Rule #7: Take Risks. 

Rule #8: Be Unreasonable. 

Rule #9: Be Dangerous

Rule #10: Create Wealth

Rule #11: Readily Take Action

Rule #12: Always Say Yes

Rule #13: Habitually Commit

Rule #14: Go All The Way

Rule #15: Focus On The Now

Rule #16: Demonstrate Courage

Ok, so there are the first 16 rules to live by, let’s get right into the next 16 rules you will want to live by to successfully accomplish your goals. 

Rule #17: Embrace Change. 

Too often I hear people say, “I hate change.” The problem with this belief is that in order to grow, reach your goals and live a life of your dreams you absolutely have to change. You have to change what you are doing now, and sometimes who you are in this moment, to get from where you are now to where you want to go, or be, in the future. Yes, I know change can be scary but that’s ok! It’s also a great opportunity to learn and experience new things. When you break out of your comfort zone, embrace change and be open to what’s to come you may just wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 

For example, if you’ve always wanted to compete in an athletic event you will need to change your habits. You will need to focus on training and fuelling your body in ways you never thought possible. But when you do, and you accomplish your goal, it will all be worth it. 

Rule #18: Determine and Take the Right Approach

To be successful, it’s not enough to just work hard. You need to know that right strategy, or strategies, to work “smarter” not just harder to see better results. Take the time to do your research. Understand what actions and commitments need to be taken in order for you to reach your goal. For example, if you want to lose weight, you will want to know the right way to feed your body and workout. Let’s say you just choose to look up some meal plan online and follow it blindly. You will likely not end up with the results you’re looking for because that plan was not specifically designed for you. 

Therefore, it’s important that you invest time, energy and money to improve yourself, focus on the rewards you gain for your hard work and ensure that the action steps you’re taking are the right ones for your personal goals. If you’re unsure, I suggest hiring a coach to help you. I personally love helping people set goals and actions steps around health and wellness because, number one I’ve been in the industry for 25 years and have studied a lot in this field to build my knowledge base so I can help people in this way. But more importantly number two, I have been there. I have had to go through my own journey of struggles to get to where I am today. I pride myself on being a coach who can fully understand how hard it is to release an eating disorder, to struggle with eating the right foods and staying active in ways that are best for my body and having to release the demons and limiting beliefs that have stood in my way of success! And I could not have done all this without the help of my coaches and mentors. So, as you embark on this journey of reaching your goals, be sure you are taking the right steps and have the right support and guidance to save you time, energy and money in the long run. 

Rule #19: Break Traditional Rules 

The most successful people in the world look to challenge norms and the status quo in order to create new traditions and ways of thinking to take their lives to the next level. You must be willing to be the black sheep of the crowd for awhile in order to get to where you want to go. I am in no way saying you need to break safety rules or laws but what I am saying is don’t just go with the flow because that’s always what has been done. Be willing to do your research into something new that might be a better fit for you. 

For example, when I first was looking in to making the switch to a plant-based, vegan diet I had many people tell me I was crazy, that it was unhealthy and that I would regret it. Regardless of these nay-sayers, even though many of them were family and friends, I pressed on. I did my research and learned how the lifestyle would benefit me and here I am over 10 years being vegan after 10 years as a vegetarian and I’ve never felt better or been healthier in my life. Yes, I am still figuring out the right foods for my body but I have and will never regret my decision to go against the norms of society and live life on my own terms. 

The point here is, just because something has always been done doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do it. This can be true for so many areas of life. Therefore, it’s ok to think outside the box and do things other people aren’t willing to do to reach your goals. Could you lose some friends because of your new healthy lifestyle habits? Sure, I know I did, but I also gained many new ones who were more like-minded. Break free from the crowd and live by this quote by Heather Killough-Walden: ‘No one ever made a difference by following the rules.’

Rule #20: Be Goal Orientated

As you learned in the last episode, a goal is some desirable objective, usually one that is yet to be achieved, that a person needs in order to move forward in their life. To be successful you must set and keep your eyes on your goals. Your goal may change over time but if you do not have clear, SMART goals it is easy to lose focus and never move forward in your life. 

It’s also important to write down your goals. This allows you to visually see your goals allowing them to feel tangible. When goals are written down you are more likely to intellectually engage and emotionally connect with the result of the goal you want to achieve. When you write down your goals often, such as every morning and every night, and commit to achieving those goals daily, your life will transform. When you commit to goal achievement first thing in the morning, every single day, and then review your performance goals at the end of each day, you’ll make real progress over time.

Rule #21: Be On A Mission

Approach each goal you have set for your life as a mission; part of your life’s purpose, rather than just a task than needs to be done. When you commit to your goals and consider each action step as part of a more important mission your life will change significantly. 

For example, let’s say you want to gain better health so you can live a long, active life having fun with your friends and family. When you approach your action steps, such as working out and eating right, as your life’s purpose, or your mission, it will be much easier to do these things on the days you don’t want to do it. 

I always encourage my clients to approach their action steps as if they are not just what they do but a natural part who they are.

Rule #22: Have A High Level Of Motivation

Motivation is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviours. It’s what causes you to take action towards your goals. Always look for new ways to stay motivated and excited about what you are working towards. Be excited for the life that lies for you just on the other side of action. Develop the energy and excitement each day to do what is necessary to keep you focused and inspired to reach your goals. Every day, re-write, re-read, review your goals and create new reasons to show up and take action towards them each day.

For example, if you’re on a weight loss journey, getting up and eating the same thing everyday will likely get boring after awhile. Get creative, seek out new recipes and new foods you have never tried. The healthy options are endless! There’s never an excuse to be bored with healthy eating. Or, let’s say you’ve committed to a daily workout routine. Don’t just do the same old boring thing everyday, look for new ways to stay active. Maybe one day you get on your bike and ride around a new area of town. Maybe the next day you look up a fun new workout that will challenge you or, call a friend to workout and have some fun together. Whatever you do, work on keeping a high level of motivation and excitement for your goals. 

Rule #23: Be Interested In Results

Rather than attaching importance on the time you spend reaching your goals focus on the results you gain from taking action. Some people complain that they have to spend time working out each day, saying they hate it or it’s not for them. Yes, this may be true, but release the negative attitude towards your action steps and focus on and commit on the results you will achieve each day. Stay focused on and interested in your results. It’s the results that will keep pulling you towards your goals. 

Rule #24: Have Big Goals and Dreams

Have you ever heard the term BHAG? This stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goals. If you want to make big changes in your life dream big! Grant Cardone always says, set your goal and 10X it. So, let’s say you want to make $100,000 per year, he would say add a zero and strive for one million per year. Does that sound scary? It should! Basically, if your goal doesn’t scare you it’s not big enough. If you set a big goal and you fall short of that big goal wouldn’t you be happier just falling short of a huge goal rather than accomplishing a smaller one? 

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you decide you want to get in better shape and you set a goal of working out three times a week. Then I come along, as your coach, and say I want you to set a goal that pushes you right off the cliff out of your comfort zone. And you say, “ok, I want to compete in a triathlon.” 

As you say the words, chills go up your spine and you already start to doubt and make excuses for why you’d never be able to do a triathlon. 

Then, I say, “great! I challenge you to commit to that. I will help you get there, I will set out your exercise and meal plan and all you have to do is commit to doing your best.” 

You agree. Then months down the road you find yourself actually doing the triathlon! You don’t win but you finished. Now how would that feel? Better than just accomplishing the goal of working out three times a week, I bet!

So, I challenge you now to look at your goals. Press pause if you need to and go back, look at your goals and make them bigger! The bigger the goal the more likely you will be to work harder and stay inspired to hit the goal. Dream big, go big and then figure out how to go bigger than that. Learn as much as you can about how to reach your goal, commit to doing what it takes. Surround yourself with everything you can that inspires you to think big, act big and stay committed and motivated to accomplishing your big dreams. 

Rule #25: Create Your Own Reality 

This rule is one of my favourites. Basically it means, never settle for someone else’s dream or the status quo. Create the life you want and don’t let yourself get taken down by other peoples’ limiting beliefs or rules. I have made the mistake of doing this too many time in my life. Listening to other peoples opinions about what I should or shouldn’t be doing. Rather than paying attention to what my heart wants. 

For example, I become involved in a network marketing company about eight years ago. I loved the business, I loved the product and the people I was meeting. However, at the time, I lived with someone who had a very negative outlook on the business and I let it hold me back from building big success. I would begin to build and grow then slow down, or even stop, because I was listening to people say it wasn’t a good idea. 

Now, I am in a brand new company, and although I still hear people say these things to me, I have a very different outlook. I stay focused on the fact that I use the products because they’re high quality, I always do a ton of research before I purchase or share a product with others and I know the products will benefit many people. I have committed to no longer allowing other peoples’ limiting beliefs, past failures, lack of commitment, or lack of knowledge in something to turn me away from my dreams. 

One thing I learned from my mentors, that I pass on to my clients and will now share here with you, is this: you have special gifts and big dreams that now one else has, you have an ethical responsibly to show up, play big in your life and help others by sharing this knowledge, because you never know who’s life you will save because of it. 

This always gives me chills. Anytime I think I want to quit because things get tough, or I’m not seeing the results I think I should have, I remind myself that even if I inspire just one person to make. Positive change it was all worth it. And hey, that one person may just be yourself. 

You are capable of doing great things. Accomplishing goals bigger than you could even imagine would be possible for yourself. So, get out there and create your own reality. 

Rule #26: Commit First and Figure The Rest Out Later

Did you know that successful people always commit first and then figure out the details once they have fully committed. Of course it’s important to be smart about your commitments but the point is you don’t have to have all the details figured out before you commit to something. 

For example, let’s say you want to lose weight. Do you need to know all the details of how it’s going to happen and how you will get there before committing to it? No! You say, “yes! I’m doing this!” You make the decision, commit to doing whatever it takes to make it happen then figure out how you will do it. Do you need to hire a coach to help you? Get a gym membership? Learn how to cook? All those details can come later after you decide you want it and are ready to commit to it. 

Rule #27: Be Highly Ethical

The term ethical means, pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality; pertaining to right and wrong in conduct or being in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice. In other words, acting in integrity and doing what is right. 

Being ethical doesn’t mean just playing by societal rules, it means 

doing what you say you’re going to do no matter what. If you say you’re going to workout three times week then do it. If you make a commitment to your family, then follow through, no matter what. 

Making a half-assed effort and not seeing the results you desire is unethical because you are lying to yourself and failing to fulfill the commitments and obligations you made to yourself. 

So, when you commit to doing something, don’t let yourself, or others down, just follow through your commitments or don’t make the agreements at all. Be sure that what you commit to is doable so you can act in integrity. You will feel much better about your accomplishments when you do. 

Rule #28: Be Interested In The Group

This point means a couple of things; number one: surround yourself with like-minded, positive and successful people who are thinking big and taking action towards their dreams. You’ve likely heard the saying, “you are the five people you spend the most time with.” If you spend all your time with people who are sick, who don’t take care of themselves and who think small and live in fear, chances are you’ll be the same. However, if you surround yourself with people who are inspiring, positive and striving towards their dream life then you are most likely going to two the same. 

Number two: act in a way that supports the higher good of everyone involved. It’s important to stop only thinking of yourself and think of the people around you. The ones in your life that you serve. Of course, you must take care of yourself first before you can help others but always be asking yourself these things: “How does my behaviour effect those around me? What’s going on in their life that I could support? Essentially, always be thinking, how can everyone win. If more people thought this way, our world would be a much different place, don’t you think? 

Rule #29: Be Dedicated To Continuous Learning

If you want to enhance your success on area of your life, take the time to learn and grow. If you want to gain better health, learn what you need to do to get better health. If you want to build a successful business, you must learn what you can about how to build a business. If you want to have great relationships you must learn how you contribute to relationships and what you can do to be a better listener or communicator and overall contributor in your relationships. 

I always find it fascinating when I hear people say, “I don’t read,” because this is one great way to learn and grow. Enhance your likelihood of success in all areas of your life by committing to seeking out new information and never stop learning. 

Rule #30: Be Uncomfortable 

It does’t feel good to step outside of your comport zone does it? I know the feeling! I love my comfort zone too but guess what? Staying safely tucked away in that comfort zone will not get you to your big goals and dreams. You absolutely, at some point, have to expand your comfort zone and get out of it. Put yourself into situations that make you uncomfortable. When you do, you will see results. Think about it, do you ever see results when you stay comfortable? No! Things need to get a little hard before they get easier. When they get easier, you want to look for new ways to get uncomfortable again. 

For example, when you want to build muscle mass and strength you need to start with a weight that’s just a little challenging, then soon that same weight will start to feel easy as your body adapts to the external load. To continue to see strength gains you must add more weight. When that feels easy, you add more again. This is called the principle of progressive overload, when you gradually increase the weight, frequency, or number of repetitions in your strength training routine to challenge your body and build musculoskeletal strength. 

This concept can be applied to any area of your life. First, set goals that make you uncomfortable, then take actions that make you uncomfortable. When either of these start to feel comfortable, set new uncomfortable goals and action steps and keep going until you hit your big dreams. 

Rule #31: Reach Up In Relationships 

This concept is around getting out of your comfort zone and surround yourself with people who are doing great things. One of my mentors recently said, “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room!” That statement hit me like a ton of bricks! It’s so true! Why stay safe in a room where you know everything and there’s no one else to learn from? Why not seek out situations where there are people you can learn from? 

Let’s say you’re striving to gain better health, you will want to seek out people who know how to help you do this. Learn as much as you can from them and then perhaps seek out more information. 

For example, I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for 25 years. I have certifications in fitness, yoga, nutrition and coaching. To some, it may look like I don’t have anymore to learn in this industry, but to me, I believe there is always more to learn. And remember, just because you may have more experience or education than someone else does’t mean you can’t still learn from someone who doesn’t have the credentials you do. Be open minded as we can all learn from each other on our way to greatness. 

Rule #32: Be Disciplined

This is the most important rule of them all, next to committing to your goals. Discipline is an orderly, prescribed conduct that will get you what you want. What does this mean? It means that you must set your goals, lay out the action steps, be committed to following the plan no matter what and do what it takes to get there. 

We all know that when a child, or dog, is allowed to do whatever they want, without any rules, or discipline, they will most likely be ill behaved and no one will want to be around them. However, when there are rules set in place that are followed, the child, and dog, will most likely be well-behaved and a pleasure to be around. 

Think of it in terms of your health and wellness goals. When you take disciplined action to workout regularly, eat healthy foods, drink enough water and get enough sleep you will see the results you desire. But if aren’t, you won’t. It’s that simple. 

The overall message here is in order to be successful, in any area of your life, you must stick to a few rules and have been tried and true by numerous successful individuals. Will it be tough at times? Sure, but it will all be worth it in the end when you are living the life of your dreams. 

I know we have covered a lot here and you might be feeling overwhelmed. That’s ok! Go back and listen to all 32 rules to live by again, take notes and recognize the rules you may or may not be following and notice how this has effected your life. Are the rules you are breaking keeping you from reaching your goals? Are the rules you have been following the reason why you have been successful in reaching your goals? 

Keep these rules somewhere you can look at them often, just like your goals. Commit to making these rules part of who you are not just something you do. Remember, it’s not about being perfect all the time. It’s about thinking big, setting the BHAG’s, showing up and doing the very best you can each day. 

Please visit the show notes page for this episode at www.RJOWellness.com/podcast/episode-50 to listen to the audio, podcast, version of this article. 

I also invite you to check out the “Create & Manifest Your Vision: Intention & Goal Setting Workbook,” I’ve created to help you set goals and accomplish success in each area of your life. 

Until next time my friends, 

Keep rockin’ your wellness!

Rachel Joy Olsen, BSc., MBA

Health, Wellness & Spiritual Life Coach


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