Episode #29: How To Use Essential Oils To Enhance Focus & Motivation

In this episode, I will teach you how to use essential oils to enhance your focus and motivation. You will learn the science behind the different chemical properties of essential oils that will provide either a calming or uplifting effect and how the body processes an aroma to provide an emotional response. There is a little science jargon in this presentation so I must warn you; however, you will also learn about some essential oils that have a calming or uplifting effect and a variety of oil combinations and blends you can use to enhance your focus  and  motivation. 

Show Notes

Download a beautiful PDF copy of today’s podcast that includes all the information you heard in this episode as well as essential oil blend recipes you can use to diffuse various aromas that will produce your desired emotional response.

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Rachel Joy Olsen, BSc., MBA, Podcast host, health & wellness coach, author