Episode #19: What Are Micronutrients & Why Are They Critical For Optimal Health?

In today’s podcast, we will discuss the various micronutrients and why they are important, and critical, for optimal health. You will learn about the various vitamins, mineral and antioxidants, what they specifically do in the body and what foods to eat to achieve a well-balanced diet that’s rich in these important nutrients. 

Show Notes

An easy way to get an abundance of nutrition in your diet is by drinking smoothies. Click this link to enjoy a few of my favourite recipes: https://livingmeatless.com/recipes/smoothies/

Try this Superfood Water Recipe for ideas on ways to boost your water into a nutrition powerhouse beverage.

As mentioned in the podcast, omega fatty acids are essential for a healthy diet; however, it’s important to take a plant-based source. In this blog, you will learn why: Why A Plant-Based Omega Blend Is Better For You.

Supplements are a great way to support your health without having to eat more food. In this blog article, you will learn How To Choose The Right Supplements.

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Rachel Joy Olsen, BSc., MBA, Podcast host, health & wellness coach, author