The Mind, Body Upgrade

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– challenging yourself for five-days so you can take your health and happiness to the next level.

– clarifying your goals and making them happen.

– releasing excess weight, having more energy and self-confidence.

– developing a deeper connection to yourself and others.

In this intro course you will:

– Challenge yourself to embrace healthy habits for at least five days.

– Learn how to take care of your body without dieting.

– Set SMART goals and develop simple action steps to start your journey to better health, wellness and happiness today!

– Learn how to make simple and delicious meals

– Learn how to develop a basic exercise routine to burn calories and have fun with simple, short workouts you can do anywhere!

– Experience transformational meditations

This course is jam packed full of valuable information and action steps that you can implement now in all areas of the mind, body and soul and will help you reach the life you desire.

Click to the link below to register now and take your mind and body to the next level of health and wellness.


Rachel Joy Olsen, BSc., MBA has been educating and inspiring people to gain better health and wellness for over 20 years. She is a certified health, fitness and nutrition coach, yoga instructor and clinical exercise physiologist.

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