Total Health & Wellness System

If you want to gain better health, release excess weight and be more content and happy in your life then the Total Health &
Wellness System course is for you because it will break down into simple steps what you must do achieve all the things you desire. 

My name is Rachel Joy Olsen and I am a health and wellness coach over the last 20 plus years as a coach I have inspired many people to embrace healthier lifestyle choices and live the life they desire. I believe I was drawn to helping people because of my own ability to get over struggles with an eating disorder and food addictions, poor self-image and self-esteem and losing weight. I have studied plant-based nutrition and fitness for many years and have a great passion for helping people make these life-changing decisions. 

This course consists of five modules that each cover a specific topic. Each module includes  with one to three videos plus downloadable documentation to support what you learned in the video.


  1. Introduction & welcome
  2. Self-care & embracing a positive attitude
  3. Rest & Recovery
  4. Physical activity & exercise
  5. Whole-food nutrition basics

If you’re someone who struggles to love the person looking back at you in the mirror, if you want to eat delicious, healthy food, if you want to know how to move your body efficiently  and if you desire simple techniques to help you gain better health and maybe lose a little weight then this course is for you.  

If you’re feeling inspired to get going, click the button below to get registered for the Total Health & Wellness System course. I look forward to seeing you there!